LIVE Interview on Business Talk Radio

Our First LIVE Interview - Oct 25, 2019

I was very fortunate to be invited by Business Talk Radio to have a LIVE interview with them to talk about my coaching business. I wanted to make sure that I talked about the Center and some of the coaching programs we offer to the local community here in Northern Virginia.

- Kim Muehlbauer

Founder and President, Center for the Well Being, Inc.

Owner and CEO, Limitlessness, LLC - Home of The Wellness Mindset Coach

Here is the transcript...

Tell us about who you are and what you do.

I am a Certified Mindset Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, and have been a Practicing Herbalist for over 25 years, I am an Ayurveda Practitioner, Wellness Lifestyle Advocate, and a lover of living life. 

I am the Founder and President of Center for the Well Being, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and owner and CEO of Limitlessness, LLC, a health and wellness business in Fairfax County, Virginia. 

One of the business services of Limitlessness is my coaching service called “The Wellness Mindset Coach”. I established both Limitlessness and Center for the Well Being simultaneously so that I would be able to help support the nonprofit with my coaching services.  

As for my coaching, I bring a naturalness and simplicity to my coaching style and practice…

My coaching motto is:  Think well. Do well. Be well.

My approach is to keep things simple... 

Manage the MIND.

Honor the BODY. 

Nourish the SPIRIT.

I believe that this interconnection – MIND BODY SPIRIT - brings us in balance with ourselves and creates the optimal opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. 

I also believe that it all starts with the mind and Mindset is the key to all personal change and happiness...and a commitment to self is the first step to make that happen.

I offer individual and group in-person coaching sessions as well as video conference sessions. 

I also offer several different in-person group coaching programs for the local community through the nonprofit organization. These workshop programs are called “Mindset Matters”, “The Well Being’s Herbal Allies Workshop Series”, and coming in January 2020…“Wounded to Well: Healing through the Chakras”.

What got you started? What sent you down this path?

My own story of overcoming depression, anxiety, Complex-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and the debilitating effects of Degenerative Disc Disease. And because I was able to recover and heal, I understand the process and the importance of the deep work involved. 

MINDSET was THE most critical aspect in my healing. I talked myself through some really tough times. And I came out on the other side of it, healthy, happy…and giving hope to others to do the same. 

I feel compelled and committed to both give-back and pay-it-forward simultaneously...which is one of the reasons I founded the nonprofit.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of others.

What kind of background and training do you need to do what you do?

As far as coaching, I think it’s best to pursue formal training to ensure you keep up with industry standards and distinguish the differences between coaching and counseling (therapy).

I am a Certified Mindset Coach (life coaching), Mindfulness, and Reiki Master, which takes dedication, time and lots of training and practice. I keep up with what is going on in my industry through conferences and networking events. I'm a member of the International Coaching Federation and always look out for any supplementary training I can take.

I have over 20 years of experience working within the large corporate environment and small business world both in the United States and also abroad. 

I lived in Turkey for 12 years where I learned Mediterranean folk medicine and the German holistic approach to natural healing, both which added to my Western Herbalism foundation.  This has kind of given me unique world-view perspective on what resonates with a diversity of cultures and backgrounds...what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another and helps me to personalize programs for clients to heal, grow and bloom wherever they may be planted. 

When someone reaches out to you for the first time, what are they looking for?

Most people simple want to feel better…think better and simply BE better all around.

Most people have tried everything…they are fed up with being fed up and are willing to try something “unconventional” …Wellness is becoming much more mainstream and people are willing to try things that used to be considered “out there”.

Why do you think they choose you over someone else? What sets you apart?

I think people feel immediately comfortable with me…and I think people know that I’ve actually done the work myself. I would never ask someone to consider doing something that I personally have not already done. There is a trust that must exist for a client to have with me…and I think they know they are safe. I believe that I give them hope (through my own story) and they have hope that they too can make the changes they want in their lives.

What takes place with the initial session with the client?

I perform a casual assessment through getting to know each other, tell the client a bit about me and my story, have them tell me what they hope to achieve by working with me. 

The biggest thing is RAPPORT. It MUST be there on BOTH sides for the coaching relationship to work. We are essentially interviewing each other.

Where do you see yourself moving forward?

I see myself going deeper into my coaching practice to bring new ideas, growth strategies, and hope for healing to people while continuing to grow the nonprofit to become a staple of the Northern Virginia community. 

I particularly enjoy working with people in-person, where I can really see the changes, improvement and growth… literally, with my own eyes. 

I see myself continuing to do what I love, because I really REALLY love what I do!

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