Wounded to Well: Healing Through the Chakras


Our newest initiative in The Well Mind program...

Wounded to Well:  Healing Through the Chakras

Beginning in January and going until mid-summer, we will work systematically with each of the chakras - from Root to Crown - exploring the healing potential of the body's subtle energy system and our ability to work with traumas and illnesses directly at the corresponding energy source. 

Wounded to Well:  Healing Through the Chakras consists of a series of monthly workshops held on the last Saturday of each month, for the local community in the Northern Virginia area. During these one-hour in-person group workshops, we will explore in depth each chakra and its energies, understand how our unhealed traumas can manifest as illnesses and imbalances, and learn ways we can work with each of the chakras to heal ourselves.

Workshops will focus on one chakra each month, beginning with the Root chakra:

  • Root - Basic Trust and Security
  • Sacral - Sexuality and Creativity
  • Solar Plexus - Wisdom and Power
  • Heart - Love and Healing
  • Throat - Communication
  • Third Eye - Awareness
  • Crown - Spirituality and Understanding

Wounded to Well:  Healing Through the Chakras is facilitated by: 

  • Kim Muehlbauer, Founder and President of Center for the Well Being, Inc. and Certified Mindset Coach. Her holistic approach to coaching can be found at  
  • Odis McKinzie, Director of Mental Health Services and Owner of Healing Touch Counseling, LLC . His areas of expertise and approach to mental health and healing can be found at

February - The Sacral Chakra

DATE:  Saturday, February 29th
TIME:  9:00am - 10:30am
PLACE:  Richard Byrd Library
Springfield, VA 22150

SPACE IS LIMITED!  Please register and confirm your RSVP to guarantee that we will have enough space for everyone.  

The workshop is FREE, however we appreciate any and all donations to be able to continue to provide these educational services to the community. Suggested donation: $25

Past Workshop Presentations

Wounded to Well - The Root Chakra (pdf)