Mindset Matters - Coaching Workshops


Just in time to start 2020 and the next decade with a new and improved Mindset! MINDSET MATTERS!

Mindset Matters - It's a matter of mindset! 

Our newest initiative in The Well Mind program, Mindset Matters starts in November and runs through the end of 2020.  Workshops are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Mindset Matters consists of a series of coaching workshops offered monthly to the local community in Fairfax County, VA. These one-hour in-person group coaching sessions provide attendees with tools and strategies to help rewire the mindset, allowing us to unlock our full potential and become the best, healthiest and happiest version of ourselves. 

Learn how to:

- Improve self-awareness 

- Rewire negative thought processes

- Remain calm and focused

- Practice Mindfulness 

- Gain clarity about vision, mission, and purpose

- Create new, healthy and sustainable habits

- Set and achieve goals 

- Transcend perceptions and self-limiting beliefs

- Improve communication skills

- Develop prioritization skills to be more effective in less time

Mindset Matters is a service provided and facilitated by Kim Muehlbauer, Founder and President of Center for the Well Being and also a Certified Mindset Coach for The Wellness Mindset Coach, a division of Limitlessness, LLC. Her holistic approach to Mindset Coaching can be found at www.TheWellnessMindsetCoach.com.

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Your donations enable us to deliver these free educational workshops for the community and help make a difference in the lives of others. 

We appreciate your generosity and support! 

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